Internet Video Poker Games Rules and Tips -

Video poker has gained remarkable popularity within real-life casinos, embodying as it does all of the best fun and excitement to be found with the sense of random 'luck' that comes with playing the slots, combined with the skills and strategies of playing poker! This popularity has transferred smoothly into internet gaming, where its on-line attraction has been greatly enhanced by the software innovations that make the game more realistic, entertaining and interactive than it has ever been possible to achieve 'virtually' before! Another attraction is that in on-line video poker the house edge is significantly lower than other casino games, giving you much more chance of playing for longer!

The basic rules remain the same throughout most variations of video poker games: the basic aim of making the best possible five-card hand! What can vary significantly from casino to casino (real or virtual) are the house-edge and the odds of the game being played! Unless you have played a lot of poker or are a math whizz, it can take some time to get to grips with some of the numbers involved, but it is always worth learning a few basics to start with, so that you know quickly when you are in with a chance of winning or whether you should 'fold' and keep your enthusiasm to play another day!

Many sites do offer the chance to play free video poker games and, unless you are a seasoned poker player, this is a very good way to start! Being free of the fear of losing your hard-earned cash is a great way to learn to concentrate on the game and the cards in play - poker's a game of memory and practice and free games are a great way to hone these skills without the distraction of cash! This can also help you to become familiar with how many clicks are needed across a range of software, so that you don't make any costly clicking errors!

Some internet video poker games the game do offer a distinct advantage over playing live-poker, in that often details about the strength of hands can often be available on the machine in play – either clearly visible during play or by clicking onto the game's pay table: this helps learners to know which cards to keep and which cards to discard, so if you are learning poker generally look out for variations which incorporate this information.

If you think of the range of slot machines available in a casino lobby, then this will give you some idea of the range of internet video poker games that you could possibly find across any selection of virtual casinos. Many fit into a casino's theme or persona or offer a range of games based on card-playing themes, in nostalgic reference to their card-game origins.

Finally, many of the variations of internet video poker do depend on the software platform being used, for example Playtech, Microgaming or Realtime etc. These can offer a range of different pay-plays and payouts, for example some will payout from a minimum pair of Jacks: "Jacks or better" (even-money) whilst others pay from "tens or better". Similarly, there are versions available that play with all fifty three cards of the pack, such as "Joker Poker" or "Double Poker". If you find a platform whose versions of play you enjoy, particularly if the house-edge is a good one, it can be an easy job to scout around casinos to find other games that use the same gaming software or an online search based on the software provider will help you to find Internet casinos which use games based on your favoured software!