Internet Slots Games Rules and Tips -

Internet slot games are as many and varied as you would find in all casino lobbies and, with the sophistication of the software platforms available, they can be just as colourful, realistic and extremely exciting to play! As with manual slots, the gaming involves the spinning of reels of symbols which, when they stop, offer an aligned combination of symbols which may, or may not earn the player a cash payout. Symbols vary across different game versions, but most will include some form of:

The general payout line is the center line, but with the added sophistication that has come with the evolution of slot machines, so has come the increasing possibility of multiple payout lines, evident across many online games of those usually on offer, including:

Three reels slots:

The simplest version of gaming slots, this machine has three spinning reels through which the player aims to gain winning combinations of symbols.

Five reel slots:

Basically as it sounds, five reel slots have five rotating reels, instead of the traditional three reels, adding to the number of possible combinations and often including a wealth of bonus features. However, you may be confused initially by the fact that on-line five reel slots do not look much like their traditional real-life counterparts with their reels in alignment: virtual five reelers , particularly video slot versions, often resemble a grid of symbols which give the visual effect of 'spinning' during the turn. There are many different game versions of the same basic five reel play, many of which offer their own specific bonuses or feature payouts and will have their own graphics of wild symbols and scatter symbols.

Bonus slots:

Bonus slot machines are those which offer bonus rounds and free spins after certain combinations have been achieved. These bonuses prolong the play and add extra winning potential to the original stake money, as free or bonus spins often come with their own double or triple payout, if they stop in a winning combination! It can be hard to find your way around bonus slot games initially: sometimes you'll achieve an extra spin without knowing why, but if you want to find out more you can usually click onto the machine's 'Pay Table' section, which will give you detail on bonus combinations and payouts.

Progressive slots:

Progressive slot games are popular across the majority of internet casinos and gaming sites, largely because players head for these games in the hope of winning their massive payouts! Basically, these slots work by setting aside a small amount every time a game is played, and in on-line casinos, there are two ways in which this might work:

Because there are so many on-line slot games, as well as on-line casinos in which to play them, it is worth hunting down a few casinos which offer free slot games as part of their registration bonus packages, to help you find games that you enjoy. Alternatively, many casinos offer 'free play' slots, which you could also aim for to help you to become familiar with patterns of play and winning combinations!