Internet Keno Game Rules and Tips -

Although it is a relatively new addition to on-line casinos, internet Keno has become very popular with on-line players in a comparatively short space of time. This is possibly because it is relatively easy to play and the pay off can be significant, depending on the stake in the bet and any game limits in place.

The game of Keno is basically quite simple:

As with national lotteries, different casinos can offer a variety of Keno games, which add extra aspects of risk or random fun to the game. This can include additional ball extras such as Superball games that have specific number bonuses, or extreme games which offer special jackpot incentives for making particular predictions, for example predicting correctly the first fifteen balls drawn!

Many online and Internet casinos offer welcome bonuses and Keno play is often included in games which accept this free play, so using your welcome bonus in this way can help you to identify if Keno is the game for you. Alternatively, there are also a significant number of free-play as well as real-money play Keno games available: perfect for you to be able to test your theory about whether your birthday numbers are lucky for you, without losing a bean to start with!

Having a good scout around the free Keno games available in a variety of casinos will also help you to identify which casinos have your favorite games or versions that you find particularly fun or those which offer chat facilities so that you can play alongside friends. There really are a lot of versions out there, so don't stop with the first Keno game that you find: take a careful look at your options to maximise your fun and your potential for success when you do come to putting your gaming budget to use!