Internet Craps Game Rules and Tips -

Everyone who visits a casino wants to be part of the 'high-rolling' fun, and internet casino visits are no different! There's an astonishing range of craps games available online, some of which are breathtaking in their realism, with the sights and sounds of the dice roll being painstakingly replicated on screen! There's a competitive edge to making the software platforms as realistic as possible which really enhances both the actual routines of play but also the thrill and exhilaration of a real craps table. Whilst such competition rages between the software designers, the players can only benefit from such enhancements to their internet craps play experience!

For those new to casino gaming, craps is a game of two dice and a long play table incorporating betting and throw space. Bets are placed on outcomes of throwing the dice, which sounds quite simple but can actually get quite complicated! Players can take the role of the dice throwing, known as the "shooter" role, or bet on the outcomes of someone else's throw.

As with many other internet casino games, it is possible to play internet craps for free at a range of on-line casinos, which is a real help for beginners to craps games as they can experience the rules and routines of betting and game play without the diversion from learning and entertainment that can come through making costly mistakes! It's also worth checking out these free craps games in order to identify software platforms that you enjoy playing, and to find casinos which offer the best incentives for signing up (and staying)! Free internet games also help you to hone your skills ready to try in real-life casinos, to reduce some of the difficulties that first-timers often experience when playing casino-table craps for the first time, as the pace of this can make the game seem additionally complicated!

The house edge on internet craps games mirrors that of real-life casinos, in that standard craps games have a significantly reduced house edge than roulette games, meaning that playing craps allows your money to go that bit further as you have much more chance of staying in the game for longer! There are a range of possible bets in craps (as you would expect from a dice game with so many outcomes) but the house edge on every possible bet in standard craps is usually below 1% - compare that to 2.7% in European Roulette betting!

However, there are different versions of craps, although not all have transferred to internet craps games. Where a variation is offered, spend time checking out the house edge, which can vary significantly along with the changes to the game: basically as soon as the standard game is modified, the house edge starts to rise! Variations such as Crapless Craps (also known as Bastard Craps) have a house edge of 5.38% - more than American Roulette, whilst Simplified Craps is an easy option for new players, with it's easy to learn rules and paying outcomes but has a 2.8% house edge which is less to the player's advantage. Again, honing your skills in on-line casinos may help you to gain your own skill edge in these game variations!