Internet Baccarat Game Rules and Tips -

No internet casino would be complete without that card table favourite, Baccarat game. The Baccarat game is also known as "Chemin de Fer", it has been around since the early days of internet gambling and in its transfer to on-line gaming, Baccarat loses none of its cool persona, in fact some of the software platforms used really bring this classy game to life in both high stakes and lower stakes versions! So what's the deal with internet Baccarat?

Basic baccarat rules are:

  1. Only one pair of hands in play at any one time, although everyone has the chance to bet on the hands being played.
  2. The dealer deals four cards initially, between the player and the banker in turn, twice giving two cards each in play. From here, the pair decide whether to take another card 'Come' or not 'Don't come', based on trying to reach a total of 9 points.
  3. Number cards count at their face value, tens and picture cards count as 0.

Finally, most of the general Baccarat rules apply within all internet casinos, but it can be worth double checking by playing any free versions of the game in the casino of your choice so that you can find out without risk to your stack!